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Dorothy Draper (1889-1969) was the pioneer of interior design.  She established the 1st interior design company in the United States in 1923.  Dorothy Draper was the most famous decorator in America from the 1930s-1960s.  In addition to FABULOUS interior design, both private and public spaces (including the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia, the Drake Hotel, Chicago and Hotel Carlyle, NY), her resume also includes book author, decorating advice columnist  for Good Housekeeping, fabric designer for Schumacher, and furniture designer for Ficks Reed and HERITAGE.  

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The Dorothy Draper España Bunching Chest

 The Dorothy Draper España Bunching Chest for HERITAGE was designed by Dorothy Draper by invitation of the Spanish government to design a collection to raise the profile of Spanish design in the international market.  The bunching rectangular chest which is made of cherry, features three drawers decorated with a repeated routed pattern. Solid brass ring pulls adorn the centers of the nine shapes.  This FABULOUS chest is finished on the back as well to be enjoyed as Draper intended, in the center of a room or in multiples as a room divider.

España Group by Dorothy Draper for HERITAGE advertisement CIRCA 1955


The Dorothy Draper chest makes a statement.  CIRCA WHO  has only found one pair of Dorothy Draper chests by HERITAGE, but  has found many imposters that make a statement of their own.  However, the difference is clear.


CIRCA WHO Fab Finds!

CIRCA WHO Item #1342

Vintage Dorothy Draper Chests for HERITAGE are stamped inside the drawer and are finished from front to back.


CIRCA WHO Item #2388&2389 


 Better Dorothy Draper Imposter Chests are not finished on the back and do not have the BEAUTIFUL front beveled edge.


CIRCA WHO Item #2588

Little Dorothy Draper imposters are made of a thin panel board and have faux ring pulls. 


They ALL make a statement in any room.


How do you CIRCA WHO?


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